The #1 Cost-effective way to market your business online

Let me guess. You’re an expert and you want to show up in your audience’s world. 

But the question is.. how?  

You get stuck with what to do and don’t know where or when to start.

Not to mention the fear of the unknown is holding you back.

Yes, this can be hard for experts like yourself to show up more authentically for your audience online when they are scattered all over the web.

It’s also time-consuming and expensive. 

Plus, you might be only thinking about starting a podcast and not even thinking (yet) about how to leverage Facebook Live streaming video to create your podcast show (allowing you to have your cake and eat it too!).

Well, what if I told you that my program, Coaches Go Live, can teach you how to create your very own Facebook Live show that makes it easy for you to build out your podcast show (if you choose to) – increasing your visibility 3x online – would you be interested? (Keep Reading)

👋  Hey, I’m Ed! The good lookin’ guy up top with the great hair 😉  Nice to meet you!

I help experts – both new to the online world as well as seasoned – create a PROFITABLE new revenue stream on social media using live video in 60 days or less. Pretty cool, right?

I help them take a step back and look at the bigger picture which is, how can you be more strategic with your marketing efforts online so that you increase your visibility without maxing out your resources?

You see, most experts struggle with creating engaging content that can easily be shared across the web and overlook the true power of live streaming video (Facebook Live). 

Did you know that posts that don’t contain a video get 92% LESS views 😳

Here’s what I also know to be 100% true.

People want to connect with experts like you through live video, not just read about you online or hear your voice on a podcast episode. They want to see you as a person worth following, worth engaging with, and spending time with, who will be a part of their life––and not just a company logo.

Here’s EXACTLY How I Can Help You (keep reading):

🚀  I will get you FRONT AND CENTER in front of your audience so they can SEE you, HEAR you, FEEL your energy, and truly CONNECT with you – speeding up the customer journey.

Remember, people buy from people they know, like, and trust…

Live video is the next best thing to you being in person, right next to them.

I’ll be your guide as we walk through key steps of creating a PROFITABLE live video strategy that delivers IMPRESSIVE RESULTS for you and your business.

If you’re ready to make a GREATER IMPACT online and explode your business…

▶️  Let’s UNLOCK Your NEW Revenue Stream With LIVE Video!!!

Going live and what it looks like before working with a business coach who specializes in live video

Going live and what it looks like after working with a business coach who specializes in live video

Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Learn Inside Coaches Go Live:

👊 How to ignite with live video for a high-impact, low-effort method of communicating

👊 How to show up in the lives of your audience specifically where they’re already hanging out

👊 How to leverage technology to broadcast from anywhere in the world and get started quickly

👊 How to discover the steps to success through simplicity – which doesn’t always come easy

👊 How to generate instant ideas for live video that will deliver results

👊 How to take your expertise to the next level

👊 How to plan out your content in less time

👊 How to improve customer engagement through social media

👊 How to strengthen your credentials as an expert in the field online

👊 How to increase visibility and reach more people than ever before

👊 How to get real about what you’re doing so viewers see both sides of you

Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Learn Inside Coaches Go Live (Continued):

👊 How to increase traffic to your website through live streaming

👊 How to get people to take action quickly and easily

👊 How to help you convey your message in new ways that will reach new audiences

👊 How to build trust with your audience more effectively and quickly

👊 How to save time by creating a live video strategy that shows you how to get more visibility and more engagement

👊 How to get real with your audience and show up in their world

👊 How to take your expertise to the next level and have an intimate conversation with your customer base

👊 How to increase ROI through more engaging content

👊 How to create a strategy for maximum impact and free up more hours in your week

👊 How to create a podcast with your live videos

 …and so much more!!!!




The Clients Experience… 

Here are a few MORE things to sweeten the deal…

🎉 Full-access + lifetime updates to the program

🎉 A Going Live Action Plan & Online Marketing Strategy

🎉 A Production Schedule that you can actually implement

🎉 10 Live video episodes all planned out (season 1 of your live show)

🎉 The LIVE Effect script showing you how to repurpose (share) your live video to maximize your efforts

🎉 Weekly check-in’s + 1:1 Support calls/texts + Feedback on your specific studio set up and live broadcasts

🎉 BONUS course with expert training to further your online marketing & sales efforts with live video

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Vicki once terrified of being on camera, found her voice online & now sells products on her live show.

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Toni opened up TONS of new sales opportunities for her business.

✅ Midori gained several new clients, got her show onto a network & hosts celebrity guests like J. J. Peterson from StoryBrand.

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❤️️ P.S. My Personal Guarantee: If you for whatever reason don’t absolutely 100% love it, you let me know within 7 days, we will hop on a call, and I will refund you on the spot and give you $100 for wasting your time.

Questions? Text me at +1-707-955-5382 or start a chat over at

My 5-Step Framework

  • 1

    Welcome to Coaches Go Live

    • Program overview

    • Special Gift

    • How to use this platform & Welcome Packet

    • A message from your instructor

    • Before we begin...

  • 2


    • Mindset

    • Finding the time

    • Parking Lot Questions

    • Brainstorming

  • 3


    • Planning your content

    • 3x5 Card Trick

    • Practice First

    • Get Camera Ready

    • Check-In 2

  • 4


    • How to go LIVE from your phone

    • How to go LIVE from your computer

    • Check-In 3

  • 5


    • How to edit your Facebook Live post

  • 6


    • How to share

    • How to create more buzz

    • That's a Wrap

    • Check-in 5

    • How to repurpose your lives to a podcast episode

    • How to repurpose your lives to a blog post

Questions? Text me at +1-707-955-5382 or start a chat over at

Your Coach

Ed Troxell

Live Video Specialist

Ed Troxell

Ed Troxell, Owner of Ed Troxell Creative and Founder of Coaches Go Live, is a Live Video Specialist teaching business owners how to elevate their brands online with live streaming video. Live streaming video is the best way to build up engagement, grow your audience, generate more leads, and increase sales online. Ed helps influential entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, and small business owners) market differently and share their voice online using a live streaming video approach – don’t worry, he makes it simple, easy, and efficient for you! Ed is the guy who makes tech “stupid easy” and he will make it easier for you to show up, deliver, and engage with your audience online! He has over 15 years of experience working with small businesses. Ed helps them embrace new technology so that they can stay relevant as well as make their systems smarter, stronger & more scalable without all the tech headaches.