Video Marketing Has Never Been Easier

Create, Film, Edit & Share More Videos Easily Online

Learn how to better plan, film, edit, and share video content that drives more business online WITHOUT all the fancy, complicated tech stuff.

- Increase your brand awareness and online presence.

- Boost social media engagement levels.

- Build trust and relationships with the audience.

- Improve search engine ranking.

- Get the best results in a cost-effective manner.

By signing up for the Video Marketing Made Easier video coaching program, you will speed up your learning and start creating more video content that can deliver better results with our easy-to-implement teachings. 

You will learn:

- What is Video Marketing and why your business should be creating video content. 

- How to put together a Video Marketing strategy that you can actually make time for. 

- How to get in the right mindset for creating your video content. 

- How to easily create video content right from your phone that you can share virtually anywhere. 

- The importance of live streaming video.

- How to go live on Facebook.

- How to go live on Instagram.

- How to edit your videos.

- How to take your video content and upload it onto YouTube.

- About TikTok and how to create your very own TikTok video content.

- What to do before, during and after you create videos.

You will even learn how to go live from your computer as well as how to take your video content and turn it into your very own podcast if you like! 

What you will learn inside the Video Marketing Made Easier video coaching program will take you and your business to new levels of success and future-proofing your business. 

If you want to start increasing your Video Marketing efforts online to drive more business, generate more leads,, and help people discover your business then sign up today for the Video Marketing Made Easier video coaching program.

The Video Marketing Made Easier 1:1 Hybrid Coaching Program includes: 

  • 4 (1-hr) one on one video coaching calls with Ed Troxell
  • Full access to the online video marketing course (showing you everything you need to know for planning, filming, editing, and sharing your video content online)
  • Video Marketing Strategy + templates
  • Specific Feedback on your first 3 videos
  • A Filming Kit with everything that you need (US residents only)
  • Priority support for 60-days

A one-time investment of $2,500

Questions? Ask Ed Here

Video Marketing Program Layout

  • 1

    Video Marketing Made Easier

    • Free Gift

    • Welcome

    • Kickoff

    • Filming Kit Tutorial

  • 2


    • Winning Video Mindset

    • Finding The Time To Film

    • Brainstorming Content Ideas

  • 3


    • Planning Your Content Out

    • Get Camera Ready

    • Video Check Point 1

  • 4


    • How to go LIVE on Facebook

    • How to go LIVE on Instagram

    • How To Pre-Record Video

    • Video Check Point 2

  • 5


    • How to edit videos from your phone

    • How to edit your Facebook Live post & Share on YouTube

    • How to use TikTok

  • 6


    • Create More Buzz with your videos

    • Video Check Point 3

    • That's a Wrap

Questions? Ask Ed Here


  • Who is this for?

    Business leaders (coaches, real estate agents, consultants, online course creators, entrepreneurs, and small business owners) who want to get caught up and stay current with today’s technology. Those who want to easily share their expertise & insights with others online through video (to generate interest, leads, and drive more business all at the same time).

  • What will I learn?

    Learn how to easily create videos from your phone – both pre-recorded videos as well as going live on Facebook or Instagram – and what to do with your videos after, like uploading them to YouTube and putting them on TikTok, to take your video marketing efforts to the next level online. Learn how to start or improve your video content creation. Learn to stop procrastinating and stop being the best-kept secret.

  • What if I need specific questions or need personalized attention?

    Not to worry as we are here to help and that is exactly why we designed this program the way we did – we combine the power of an online course with the personalization of 1:1 coaching. If anything comes up you have us by your side to find you the best solution that suits your business needs. There is no group competent to this program.

  • Will this work for what I sell?

    Video Marketing Made Easier will work for ANYTHING you want to sell online. If you have a business and you want to be online then this program is for you. What you learn inside this program will also carry over to the real world for any speaking gigs, events, or presentations you have.

  • If I hate being on camera can this really help me?

    Absolutely! And we are not just saying that to make a sale. We are saying that because we know that if you are here and are willing to try something new that we can help you get in front of that camera and start creating more video content for your business. No matter how shy or fearful you are, as long as you have an open mind (a growth mindset) we can help and this program is for you.

  • How much time do I need for this?

    The beauty of Video Marketing Made Easier is that you only need 10-15 minutes per week. We have broken the content down for you, removed the fluff, and make it so easy for you to implement what you learn right away so you get those wins quicker!

  • What's my investment?

    A one-time investment of $2,500 covers everything you will need to take your video marketing to the next level including your very own filming kit*! *filming kits limited to US residents only


No More Excuses

Amee Sas

The biggest challenge for me was procrastination and fear of not doing it well. I knew I could do better. Working with Ed got me off my excuses and into making videos. I stopped worrying about it and got started. Now I have more engagement from people who are not already in my sphere, and it's been a great experience.

Goodbye Tech Overwhelm

Midori Verity

Marketing is time-consuming and costly. If you are in business and want to grow, and you're overwhelmed, especially with marketing, work with Ed Troxell. When I want to share something with my audience, I know how to do it quickly. Now, I can concentrate more on my message than all the other things. It's huge because I come across much more knowledgeable, authentic, and trustworthy.

Now I Know What To Do

Tabitha Liburd

Fear and not knowing what to do were holding me back. I felt panicky, like "what do I do?" If I'm scared, then I'm not getting off the ground. Many specialists can teach you how to go live, but working with someone kind, encouraging, and generous was a good fit for me because it helps me with the fear I have. Ed is your personal Tech Guru, teacher and super encourager all rolled into one person. He's the first person I turn to when I need to cut through the noise and find Tech solutions that suit my business.

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